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In 2019, Julie Stackhouse and other leaders in Supervision will be hosting the "Conversations with the St. Louis Fed" program live from seven locations in the Federal Reserve’s Eighth District. These events will begin in April and will run through December. Sessions will be held in the following locations:

April 11 Elizabethtown, Ky.
June 14 St. Louis, Mo.
Aug. 6 Mount Vernon, Ill.
Aug. 21 Memphis, Tenn.
Sept. 12 Bentonville, Ark.
Oct. 16 Little Rock, Ark.
Dec. 4 Jefferson City, Mo.

The Conversations with the St. Louis Fed, Live! program is designed as an open forum to address questions from Eighth District state member banks on key supervisory and regulatory topics. Julie and her team will be ready to cover a range of topics, from financial technology (fintech), cybersecurity and liquidity to CECL and CRA.

State member banks are welcome to attend more than one of these sessions. There is no cost to attend but registration is required using the following link: REGISTER HERE

Please register by selecting one (or more) of the locations you would like to attend at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Venue information and logistics will be communicated to registered attendees one week prior to each session.

If you have any questions about the Conversations with the St. Louis Fed, Live! series, please contact Summer Henry at 501.324.8245 or email,